Prudencia is located in La Candelaria, the historical heart of Bogota and its most interesting neighborhood. Simultaneously a small pueblo and cosmopolitan sector full of artistic and intellectual life, La Candelaria is the inspiration for the spirit of Prudencia.  We built the restaurant for and with our neighbors as a local gathering spot and a place where newcomers can experience some of the open friendliness, diversity of cultures and surprising beauty that drew us here.



Carrera 2 Nº 11-34
La Candelaria
tel. (57) 1 394 1678

The parking lots are:
Calle 11 no. 2 - 48
Calle 12 no. 2 - 62


Monday through Saturday

12.00 to 4.00 pm

We occasionally close for private events or vacation. Please call or check our facebook page to confirm.