Owners and husband and wife Mario and Meghan met and fell in love a few blocks from Prudencia. They lived in the U.S. for a few years in order to further studies in culinary and visual arts and returned to Bogota in 2013 with a baby on the way and the dream of opening a restaurant together in their old neighborhood. They are thrilled to open the doors and hope that you will feel at home in Prudencia.

Our house was once a family home and community pre-school and has now been restored, retaining its most significant historical characteristics such as unusual Republican-era plasterwork. Neighbor and celebrated architect Simon Velez designed all of the new architectural aspects including an iron and glass roof supported by recycled petroleum pipes. The result is a refreshed building that is filled with light while maintaining the imprint of its past. Meghan and Mario drew from traditional styles re-envisioned with a contemporary sensibility and employed local artisans to produce all of the furniture and decorative elements.  In the back garden we produce herbs and flowers, smoke meats and vegetables and have a children's playhouse.